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Banks Construction Company is located in Charleston, SC and specializes in asphalt paving and land grading. Our asphalt paving company is committed to the communities we serve, as well as our customers, products, and employees. Working through partners and with new and long-term clients, Banks Construction Company puts an emphasis on quality control and their reputation across the Lowcountry attests to this.

Our History

Asphalt Paving Company

In 1948, Gary C. Banks and Thomas A. Socha, his brother-in-law, purchased the equipment and asphalt manufacturing plant of Simmons Mayrant Construction Company and began Banks Construction Company. In addition to the asphalt location, Banks Construction Company soon opened an office on Reynolds Avenue and a shop, which was located off Montague and Mall Drive.

In 1961, Mr. Banks bought out Mr. Socha's interests in the company and along with his sons, Gary C. Banks, Jr. and Ronnie Banks, had the sole responsibility of expanding the company. Mr. Banks continued to oversee the daily operations and run the asphalt paving company until his retirement in 1971.

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Gary Jr. began working full-time as a foreman in 1958. Through his tenure he held nearly every position before becoming Executive Vice-President in 1971 where he remained until his retirement in 1992. Ronnie joined the company full-time upon graduation from USC in 1959. Ronnie worked in various roles until 1964 when he took over all estimating and bidding responsibilities. In 1971, Ronnie assumed the role of President for the company and presided in this position until retiring in 1996.

The third of the management team during these years was Whit Scoggin. He joined Banks Construction Company in 1959 as a parts runner and shop clerk. He quickly assumed the position of Secretary-Treasurer/Office Manager and was responsible for all accounting/finance decisions, employee benefits, and contract administration. Whit remained in this position until his retirement in 1995.

From humble beginnings, the first generation set the high standard our company stands by today. Long-term dedication to quality and innovation shaped our past and defines our future.

Banks Construction Company Today: The Third Generation

Banks Construction Company is under its third generation of distinctive leadership by the Banks family. The same values held by the firm almost 60 years ago continue to serve as the guiding principles of our asphalt paving company today.

Leadership Team

  • Reid Banks: Chief Executive Officer / President
  • Ron Banks: Executive Vice President - Estimating & Cost Control
  • Trey Banks: Vice President - Asphalt Sales & Equipment Purchasing
  • Bill Zobel: Chief Financial Officer
  • Jafar Moghadam: Assistant Vice President - Estimating
  • Louis Limehouse: Land Grading Manager
  • Johnny Leviner: Asphalt Paving Manager
  • Brent Evans: Senior Project Manager

Our management team focuses on safety, quality, and production, as noted in our divisions and highlighted projects. Our operations team of general superintendents and division managers work cohesively to ensure that we exceed our customers' expectations while operating in the most safe and efficient way possible.

While Banks Construction Company still holds to our founding traditional values, we continue to seek innovative ideas that provide our customers with an even greater value. As the asphalt industry changes, we intend to maintain our leadership position as the paving contractor and land grading contractor of choice.

For more information or to learn more, please contact us about your asphalt needs today.

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