Asphalt Plants

Asphalt Paving Asphalt Plants

Asphalt Paving Plants

North Charleston Plant

4902 Banco Road
North Charleston, SC 29418



Summerville Plant

101 Mellichamp Road
Summerville, SC 29483


Paving Contractor Managed and supported by an experienced staff, Banks Construction Company offers two cutting-edge asphalt paving plants strategically located in North Charleston and Summerville.

Banks Construction Company's asphalt manufacturing plants produce a variety of hot-mix asphalts, which we use for all of our paving projects. We have the ability to provide various mixes to different customers at a production rate of 500 tons per hour.

Additionally, our unloading facility, located adjacent to the asphalt paving plants, is capable of unloading up to 1,200 tons of aggregate per hour. We can store approximately 110,000 tons of quarries aggregate. We also accept recycled asphalt and concrete products.


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