Heavy Highway

Heavy Highway

Heavy Highway

Asphalt Paving

We build the roads that drive the Lowcountry's economy.

Whether we're widening existing roads, resurfacing streets or building new highways, Banks Construction Company delivers a quality project. We work with our clients on a range of construction operations.

Project management and safety are the twin pillars of all our heavy highway work. No matter how tough the project, we strive to finish on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to the traveling public.

Design Build

Paving Contractors

We work with your engineers to create a project package from zero.

One of the most exciting type of projects we handle is design-build. We have contacts with a number of regional engineering firms and other subcontractors to create a complete design package for a construction project.

We work from preliminary drawings and concepts to develop a complete proposal consisting of plans, specifications, pricing and scheduling to meet the owner's requirements. The result is a customized project built to the clients' and our own high standards.


Asphalt Paving Company

We have a large portfolio of roadway projects.

Banks Construction Company is one of the largest roadway paving contractors in the state. Working for the South Carolina Department of Transportation; Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties; local municipalities; and a variety of industrial and commercial organizations, we have built miles and miles of smooth roadway in lower South Carolina.

We are able to offer the full complement of a road project and we have all the necessary resources and experience to complete any job, we are able to deliver a superior product at competitive prices.

In every job, safety - both for our crews and our community - is our top priority. We dedicate ourselves to minimizing disruptions to local business owners, travelers and other community stakeholders.

  • New Construction - We provide all site, paving and finish work for new roads. After holding a pre-construction meeting, we hold monthly progress meetings to keep the process flowing, and we aim to finish every job on time - often times early.
  • Widening - We understand road widening creates a disruption, which is why we do much of our widening work at night. We pay close attention to our schedule to make sure we manage these complex jobs with minimal impact to the community.


Land Grading

We resurface everything from secondary roads and interstates to commercial parking lots.

In our asphalt paving operations, we work with a number of public and private entities. For public operations, we have worked for the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) as well as numerous Lowcountry counties and municipalities.

Our public work ranges from secondary roads to primary highways and interstates. In every situation, we strive to operate with the utmost courtesy and efficiency. We run a 24-hour operation to mitigate disruptions to business owners and taxpaying commuters. We also comply with local, state and federal regulations to coordinate lane closures and manage traffic flow.

On the private end, we work for contractors as well as private companies. In those jobs, we coordinate with other companies to ensure everyone stays on schedule and delivers a quality product.

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