Asphalt Paving Company

Safety is our No. 1 goal in everything we do.

Safety is an integral part of the culture at Banks Construction Company. We have regular team meetings to discuss procedures to make sure all our crewmembers are conscious of themselves, their colleagues and the traveling public. We also screen all of our subcontractors to make sure we are able to maintain our excellent record of safety.


  • Crew Safety - Our dedicated safety director keeps a close eye on our operations. In addition to pre-construction safety meetings, we encourage near-miss reporting and thoroughly investigate any incidence to prevent future accidents. In addition, our field staff participates in annual OSHA classes to ensure they have the training they need to do the job.
  • Work-zone Safety - We make every effort to protect the public while we perform our work. Whether we're widening a road at night or simply closing a lane in the afternoon, our philosophy is that a work-zone should be well marked, simple to navigate and easy for all drivers to pass through safely and with minimal disruption. Our Traffic Control Division stays in good contact with job superintendents and subcontractors to schedule lane closures and ensure warning signs are in place. Warnings include:
  • Advance Warning Signs
  • Message Boards
  • Crash Trucks
  • Escort Vehicles
  • Flagmen
  • Lights and Cones


Fix Our Roads

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