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From clearing to final landscaping, we perform all aspects of sitework construction.

With a highly experienced team, Banks Construction Company implements a well-oiled process that manages every phase of the sitework construction. Each division has a specialty crew dedicated to delivering a top-notch end product, and regular project management meetings ensure every job stays on task.

Whether you are a contractor looking for site preparation or a company or government agency looking for a new roadway or parking lot, our site-work services include:

  • Clearing
  • Earthwork/Land Grading
  • Storm drainage
  • Utilities relocation
  • Concrete Flatwork
  • Base grading
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Pavement Marking
  • Landscaping


We provide unparalleled construction services for private contractors.

Whether you are a hometown contractor with an asphalt paving job to outsource or a new business coming to town, we are available for a variety of industrial and commercial jobs. We work well with other subcontractors by focusing on safety, flexibility and process management.

We understand the challenges contractors face in coordinating multiple pieces and parts of a job. That's why we adapt to your evolving schedule and maintain good communication to ensure we finish our part on time and within budget - so that others are able to carry on with their jobs.

Some of our commercial and industrial clients include Boeing, Wal-Mart and Roper St. Francis Hospital, as well as a number of regional construction firms. Whatever your needs, we have the right resources to deliver a superior product.


We manage all the technical complexities of airport paving work.

Similar to public roadwork and industrial contracting, paving airfields requires a commitment to safety and superior project management.

We take a teamwork approach to managing the high traffic and tight deadlines of airport work, and we understand Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) specifications.

Our airfield experience includes the Charleston International Airport and the Joint Base Charleston.

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